5 Things You Didn’t Know About American Senate:

Even though it’s one of the most important parts of our democracy, not all the people know how the American Senate works, and I’m afraid to say that it is the case with a lot of people, more than needed…

Anyway, this article will share with you 5 things you do not know about American Senate. So pay attention, because these little curious things will amaze you, especially #3!

American Senate

#1 –The Better Care Reconciliation Act:

Although it is not certainly pleasant, we need to discuss it as it is one of the most controversial things regarding the American Senate nowadays.

In a nutshell, these are 5 of the most worrying things about the BCRA:

  1. No insurance plan will be the obligation of covering mental health conditions, cancer and omit several health benefits. Of course, unless the individual clearly states it.
  2. Insurance premiums will increase by 20% in 2018
  3. People over 60 will pay 5 times what younger people to pay for the same coverage
  4. People who lose their health insurance for more than a 2 months will lose all of their coverage
  5. 15 million people with mental problems will be removed from Medicaid rolls

As you can see, it is a displeasing thing to know, but the American Senate needs to attend this health care bill.

It is important to start off with this, as a way to increase awareness about this sensitive issue that is going to affect lots of people in the US.

#2 –They Have Special Powers:

The thing with American Senate is that they have powers that the White House doesn’t, and here you have a list of them:

  1. They try cases of impeachment of federal officers who have been previously impeached by the House.
  2. They can ratify and observe treaties with foreign entities.
  3. And they approve certain appointments made by the president.

#3–You Can Be a Senator for a Lifetime:

Even though each senator is elected for a period of 6 years, there are no limits on how many times a person can be elected as a senator.

Therefore, it’s not strange to find several long-serving senators, and here you have a list of them:

  1. Patrick J. Leahy (Jan 3, 1975, to present)
  2. Orrin Hatch (Jan 3, 1977, to present)
  3. Thad Cochran (Dec 27, 1978, to present)

As you can see, it is possible to do it.

#4 – They Can Elect the Vice President:

Although it is not entirely necessary, and hence not one of their main functions, one of their special powers is to elect the vice president if there is no majority in the Electoral College.

Yes, it is surprising and most American didn’t know about it!

#5 –They Are Old Men:

Not necessarily, but it is a funny fact that senator comes from the Latin word Sensex, which means old man. Yes, a funny fact, and it had to be mentioned.